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Harshita Arora

A teenager who has created an app to know the real value of cryptocurrencies

Indian application developer Harshita Arora is 16 years old and a successful career. Crypto Price Tracker, its first app, is used to track and compare the value of more than 1000 cryptocurrencies (such as bitcoin or ethereum) and to know the fluctuations of currencies. «I came to the programming when I was 13 years old. My college computer teacher introduced me to the design and the code when I was in school»

«I started to get interested in cryptocurrency and the blockchain around the middle of 2017, although I already knew the technology and I had read a lot about it.»

The result of these readings is one of the most popular payment applications of the Apple Store in the Finance category, where it reached the number one of the most downloaded.

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Crypto Price Tracker allows you to know the value of more than 1,000 digital currencies and compare it with that of 32 traditional currencies. In addition, its users can set alarms with notifications to know when their reference cryptocurrencies reach a certain value or when a certain percentage of their price varies. It even includes graphs that illustrate the variation of value during a day, a week, a month, three months and a year. The creator of the app believes that the blockchain is «a great technology for making payments and a great alternative to current cashless payment systems».

«Use cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions», such as «too many fluctuations in prices, high transaction costs, infrastructure problems» …

It was with 14 years, before developing Crypto Price Tracker, when Arora took an infrequent step for a person of his age: to leave school and dedicate himself to his full-time vocation and learn code and programming in a basically self-taught way. «I had learned to program before leaving school and was already programming. I dropped out of school and received a grant from Salesforce [a software company] to further improve my technical skills. » And what did dad and mom say? «My family supported me a lot.»

Harshita Arora left school at age 14 to develop applications.

The success of Harshita Arora has been so spectacular that the CryptoChicks organization has named her woman of the year in the world of cybermoney. But the road has had obstacles. Initially, the developer had received accusations of plagiarism and a campaign of cyberbullying in the network. That if it was very small, if it was Indian, if it was a woman … Arora believes that there are different steps that can be taken to avoid situations like the one that she has lived. «I think that better policies to report content and user accounts on Twitter and Reddit would help a lot,» he concedes.

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Beyond criticism, Arora finds that the fact of being a woman has not diminished her chances of success. «In the world of technology and science, opportunities are, for the most part, open to everyone,» he celebrates.

«I think how competent the person is is a factor more important than their gender»

The success of Crypto Price Tracker has made Arora sell the application to devote itself to its new project, the Universeaty application, «a social platform that gives university students an easier way to create group cooking sessions connecting users through of a free app, «according to his website. In addition, Arora is focused on hardware projects, such as the creation of «a drone controlled by the mind».

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